Writing Prompt: Art and Poetry Meet

Writing Prompt: Art and Poetry Meet

In this post, I have for you a prompt to get the creative juices flowing, and the pen writing (or, keys typing).

Ekphrastic Poem: Art as Inspiration

You may have heard the term “ekphrastic” in one of your creative writing classes. In addition, you may have read the word as something along the lines of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” No worries. Essentially, an ekphrastic piece of writing describes and/or responds to a work of art. Cool, huh?

For this writing prompt, you’re going to find a piece of art that inspires or resonates with you in some way. By finding a piece that stands out and sparks something in your mind, you’ll be able to connect with it easier. If nothing is coming to mind, I got you; check out The Art Institute of Chicago for some famous pieces.

Now, fire up the imagination and imagine yourself inside that piece of art.

Option 1: People

If the artwork features a person, or multiple, try writing in the voice of that person(s). Focus on their facial expressions, their movement, and their surroundings. What would they say? What do you think they’re feeling? What are their desires, fears, curiosities?

You can also write to that person(s). What would you say to them? Are they responding to you, or are you doing all of the talking?

Option 2: No People

Maybe the artwork you chose doesn’t feature people. That’s A-okay. Whether you’re looking at a landscape or an abstract piece, try to picture yourself in that place. Look at the environment, or the colors and patters in the case of an abstract poem. What emotions do these images give you? What questions do you have about the images? What would you do if you were inside of the image?

Now, write away! Feeling zealous? Try choosing another artwork, or see how many different poems you can churn out with one artwork.

I hope this prompt gave you a little push to write a new poem. If you try out this prompt, please let me know or post the poem to your blog, and I’ll check it out! Happy writing!

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