I Got Lost in The Prado Museum and Wrote A Poem

I Got Lost in The Prado Museum and Wrote A Poem

If you don’t know, the Museo Nacional del Prado, located in Madrid, Spain, is a three-story museum that houses some of the finest European art. I, with my lack of navigation skills, found myself lost in the maze of halls within this museum. On the bright side, a poem (below) came from this experience!

As I try to find my way through El Prado

I think, there are worst places

to be lost in, like a forest

or a person. I think people are a lot

like art. It’s easy to miss parts, to misunderstand

and see only what you want

to see – the soft neck of a man

the veins rippling like little streams

through the garden of his body. It’s easy

to lose yourself in someone’s body.

There are still worst places

to be lost in. Have you ever been

lost in yourself, in the blemished

skin and mind,

in the way you can always find something

to despise? As I circle around the corridors

filled with the finest paintings, I realize

even art is imperfect. You can’t paint

the way ripened fruit smells, or the way Eve felt

when she first laid eyes on Adam.

You can’t paint the way limbs

move like colors, the way a lover’s voice climbs

above the night, when your thoughts begin

creeping about like a serpent, when you

wonder how you will ever

find your way out.

© 2019, Gabby Triana

Full disclosure: this is a first draft that I copied straight from the journal I wrote in while lost in the museum. I wanted to share the organic writing that occurred during this crazy experience. Oh, and don’t worry, I ended up finding my way out.

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  1. That first line, “there are worst places to be lost in, like a forest or a person” SO brilliant and drew me right in.

    1. Thank you so much, friend! It’s actually kind of funny because it’s such a serious poem that came from kind of a silly situation; I was literally on the floor of this museum laughing at myself for managing to get lost.

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