Literary Journals You Need to Check Out ASAP

Literary Journals You Need to Check Out ASAP

With the growing number of literary journals out there, especially online, it can be difficult to know what to search for when you’re looking for a place to read or submit work.

In this post, I’ll be recommending five literary journals, some of them bold, dark, colorful, or all of the above. Keep reading to see the list!

My Favorite Journals (no specific order)

1. Barren Magazine

If you have a thing for empty fields, twisted trees, and abandoned cabins, all silhouetted in front of a setting sun, then this magazine is for you. Featuring poetry, fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and photography, Barren Magazine focuses on exploring what it means to be human. I was first drawn the gritty, dark visual aesthetics of the site, and soon found myself zooming through the past issues.

2. Rattle Poetry

This 24-year-old magazine consists of work that the title describes perfectly; poems that are rattling. While Rattle Poetry primarily publishes in print, you can also access past issues on their website. Each issue has a different theme, which I LOVE, their most recent being “African Poets.” In this magazine, you will find a wide variety of themes promoting a wide variety of poets and forms.

3. The Shallow Ends

Compelling voices are what make up The Shallow Ends. Compared to the previous two journals, this one is less theme-oriented, but that does not takeaway from the quality of content published by this journal. You’ll find poems filled with pain, longing, and all of the core feelings we experience in life. This is a great platform for discovering emerging and established contemporary poets.

4. Pidgeonholes

If you’re looking to discover or submit more experimental work, whether it be poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or artwork, then this is the perfect journal for you. The work published here is bold, courageous, and as their website describes, “fearless.” As far as topics go, there aren’t really limits, which is what I love about this journal.

5. The Hunger

Last, but certainly not least, we have The Hunger, a journal whose name matches the kind of work they publish. They accept a wide range of genres, from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, hybrid, to visual art, so long as it’s hungry for something. What I love most about the work presented in this journal is that it’s raw, intense, and sometimes strange. Rules and restrictions are pretty much non-existent to The Hunger.

What are your favorite literary journals or magazines? Comments your thoughts below!

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  1. Found Rattle a couple years back. Love what they publish! Got to check these others out, thanks for the share.

    1. If you love Rattle, you’ll probably like one or more of the other magazines listed. Thanks for visiting!

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